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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 100: Old Speckled Hen

The first beer of my Extended Tour.

Old Speckled Hen

Pours a clear dark amber with a medium head that fades away slowly. Some carbonation visible in the glass.

First sip: Sweet malt, with a mild, lingering hops and dry finish. Faint citrus after-taste. Carbonation tingle on the tongue. Mouth-feel is light but not watery.

I have liked Old Speckled Hen ever since I tried it on tap* in the UK. I like its mild hops, and the malt, and the way it gets better as the glass warms. I think this beer was the first to break me out of the "Beer Must Be Chilled" habit. We were sitting in The Swan at Thaxted, and I was fretting over the pint that had been handed to me. It was a warm day and I knew the beer would get warm before I could finish it. I thought I'd have to waste some, but my friend assured me it would be fine. He was right.

Real Ale gets better as it warms slightly. Hen is a proper, very drinkable real ale. I drink it often.

Old Speckled Hen
Greene King / Morland Brewery
5.2% alc/vol
355ml bottle

Old Speckled Hen
Same again, sir? Of course!

*Actually, it was manually pumped. There was no compressed CO2 or Nitro involved.
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