Den (dewhitton) wrote,


On Saturday Qantas grounded every single plane in its fleet: domestic and international. CEO Alan Joyce cited unreasonable demands from Unions forced Qantas into this action.

On Friday, Joyce asked shareholders at Qantas’ annual general meeting to give him a pay rise of 71 per cent, from under $3 million a year to about $5 million. They did. The next day, he shut down their company entirely, because of the "extreme demands" of workers. First prize, Alan. Believe.

Where unions have to give 72 hours notice of any action, Joyce gave zero hours. He stranded 68,000 people worldwide, upended the plans of tens of thousands more, and lost an unquantifiable number of future bookings.

And why? To force an advantage in an industrial dispute that was nowhere near crisis point. To stand on a milk crate in a pissing contest.
" The Punch.

The engineer's union wants a 13 pay rise over the next 4 years. Baggage handler's union wants some better conditions. The Qantas pilot's union wants only Qantas-trained pilots flying Qantas badged planes, instead of cheaper foreign-trained pilots from China and South America. These are the extreme demands.

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