Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Terminal D, Gate 1

Made it to Brisbane. Flight was moderately uneventful. The crying baby was silent, which made it nice for everyone. In flight entertainment on the 737 was bad; the only screens were a row of small TVs along the center-line of the ceiling. It showed The News, then a 30 minute Qantas-sponsored travel ad, then old episodes of Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. I flicked through the radio channels until I found one playing Steve Miller Band, and stuck with that.
The food was... not food. A small zucchini and lentil dip with too much lemon and pepper, plus 4 x 2cm x 2cm crackers doesn't even make a snack. In-flight drinks were cold. I had a small can of James Squires Golden ale. It was okay, but would have been better if it were server at sea level. Or colder than "slightly above cold."
Or not in a can.
Or a plastic cup.

The Dash 8 to Gladstone is late.

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