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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 96: Old Peculier

And now for the last beer in my Quest.

Theakston Old Peculier

Pours a very dark brown. Medium tan head that fades to a thin layer on the surface, and a lot of glass cling.

First Sip: A lot of dark roasted malt with some hops. The hops lingers a while. Creamy mouth feel with moderate carbonation. The malty after-taste goes on and on.

Way back in the dim past (ie the mid 80s) on my first trip to the UK, I called in at a pub in Conniston and asked for a half of the local bitter. This is the one I was given. It was one of the nicest beers I'd ever had, and over the years I wondered if the rosy beer goggles of history made it taste better in my mind.

No. It is still a very yummy beer, even from a bottle instead of a cask. Back then it was the strongest beer I'd ever had, and it knocked me around a little. Now I am older and ...wiser? ...and I know how to enjoy a beer, as opposed to just drinking it. This is a very yummy beer indeed. Technically I have tried this beer, but only the cask version.

Theakston Old Peculier
T & R Theakston Ltd.
5.6% alc/vol
500ml bottle

Theakston Old Peculier

Same again, sir? Oh yes indeed!

And I think it is a fitting way to end this silly quest to try every imported bottle of beer I'd never tried before.

2011: The Year Of Beer Blogging.
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