Den (dewhitton) wrote,

New Zealand 2000

Matakohe Kauri Museum

Kauri is a New Zealand tree with an amazing wood. At Matakohe you can buy small wooden objects made of turned kauri wood taken from drained swamps and carbon dated to 50,000 years ago.

Kauri trees are awesome. The slab of wood in this photo is a longitudinal cross section of a single tree.
Matakohe Kauri Museum

Once upon a time the Pakeha put the kauri through things like this. Eventually they came around to the Maori way of thinking and set up reserves to preserve the last remaining kauri forests.
Matakohe Kauri Museum

But look at this wood. It's brilliant. (Table made of a single kauri slab.)
Matakohe Kauri Museum

Many wooden things, all made of kauri.
Matakohe Kauri Museum

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