Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Warm, well watered patch of garden

Today was quite warm and the lawn looked a little dry so I watered it. Tonight is warm, 27C in fact. I went out for my regular Look At The Stars, and smelled a familliar smell. The lawn dicks are back for possibly their last run before Autumn clamps down. I counted four stinkhorns, and could see the eggy structure of one more. I noticed the blue wrens hanging around the patch today. They must be after the insects attracted by the smell.

Blue or Superb Fairy Wren. (m)

The males are losing their colours now that summer is done. Soon they'll look like the females, apart from the blue tail feathers.

A large flock of bee-eaters flew overhead this morning, gathering for thier big migration to the tropics. This afternoon I saw two Vs of ibis flying north. Winter must be on the way.

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