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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 79: Kronenburg 1664

Off to France to quaff some beverage.

Kronenburg 1664

Pours a slightly cloudy pale amber. There is a little gas in the glass. The head is white and fluffy and fades away to a thick lace on the surface.

First sip: Mildly sweet, noticeable grainy malt. A tiny touch of lemony citrus is in the background. A long lasting, mildly bitter after-taste that is slightly astringent.

I was starting to wonder if all Euro pale lagers were going to be the bland sameness of local macro lagers. But no! This one is quite yummy. It is a little light on the beery flavours but it is still highly drinkable, and refreshing, and I think I could easily drink more than one without getting bored with it. Definitely one for the Christmas esky*.

What others have said about this beer:

"We pour a crystal clear brew of a near neon yellow color. It holds a chunky white head of two fingers, which recedes at a medium pace leaving spotted lacing around the glass. There is no sediment noted and the carbonation appears to be standard, with countless bubbles sticking submerged around the insides of the glass. The aroma is of steely, adjunct grain. While bright, the general affect is subdued, with a soft chalkiness. There is a cooling metallic finish, with a sweet candy lollipop lime. As we sip, the mouth meets with corny adjuncts. These bite with steel and baker’s yeast, but are otherwise relatively muted. Through the middle there are more metallics, with a sugary twinge in the middle, not unlike the lime activity from the nose. The finish is quite abrupt, with the flavor loaded onto the very back of the sip. Here it sings of slightly darker malts that fade out into the distance beyond. The aftertaste breathes with the faintest booze, airy malts, and a perfume-like floral affair. The body is light to medium and the carbonation is high. The feel to each sip is on the watery side and there is cooling, but the mouth is left ultimately dried. There is slight froth and little slurp with each drink. The abv is higher for the style but the beer drinks easily.

Overall, what we enjoyed most about this beer was how the taste was surprisingly distant and clean from the abrasiveness from the nose. While the aromatics offered that classic metallic adjunct lager vibe, the taste was crisp with a cleaner finish. Although the flavors didn’t pop, they were mellow and light enough to keep this beer refreshing and not entirely undesirable."

See? I told you it was yummy.

Kronenbourg 1664
Brasseries Kronenburg
5% alc/vol
330ml bottle

Kronenburg 1664

Same again. sir? Yes please!

*That's "ice box" to you forners.
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