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Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 74: Stella Artois

I have never tried this lager, because my first exposure to it was at a yuppyfest in the mid 80s. I have bad memories of that time and never really felt the need to drink Stella Artois. So now I come to try this beer. How bad can it be? Well, it's brewed under licence by Fosters. It's going to be shit.

Stella Artois

Pours piss yellowa crystal clear but very pale yellow with a smallish head that fades slowly. There is a lot of carbonation.

No, I must not let my dislike of Fosters get in the way.

First sip: Mild, sweet malts, with a faint hops after-taste. A very light mouth-feel and a lot of fizzy tingles on the tongue.

Okay, not as bad as I expected. It's a decent Eurolager that is a little light on taste, not memorable but also not horrible. It goes down easily and is very drinkable. This beer would be much better if it is consumed very cold on a very hot summer's day. It does a decent job of washing down a packet of cheese-and-onion crisps. After finishing this glass I didn't have a feeling that I'd drunk a beer and was ready for another. So this is a successful beer in that I would happily go a session on it.

The trouble is, the only Belgian thing about the bottle I am drinking is the name "Stella Artois" on the label. On the other hand if they rebranded this exact same lager as Fosters, then Fosters would be rendered drinkable.

Stella Artois
Stella Artois, Lueven, Belgium (Brewed under licence by Fosters)
5.0% alc/vol
330ml bottle

Stella Artois

Same again, sir? Yes, and another packet of chips, ta mate.
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