Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Hack and Slash

On Thursday I followed up my visit to the skin cancer specialist. Last week he froze off a possible skin cancer, and booked me in for a Procedure to cut out another on my back. Both were possible cancers, but the doctor said he would rather treat 1000 possible cancers than miss one real one. Mine "weren't cancer, but..." That 'but' is why I had my manboobs off last year.

So on Thursday morning I was face-down on a table, going "AARGH" as the local anaesthetic went in. After that, I felt some tugging and pulling, and in under 1 hour it was done. The doctor cut out a piece 10mm by 20mm, but only a few millimetres thick. He sutured the gap shut -- which felt weird.

It still feels a bit weird. I'm on the occasional Nurofen to manage the pain, but I hardly need them.

The stitches come out in 7 days, and I should have the pathology back by then.

It didn't look like a cancer, but...

*Obligatory Socialized Medicine comment*

Total cost to me is $71.00.

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