Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Meatless Spag Bol

Last night thefoxaroo arrives and so I cooked him foods. I wanted to cook spaghetti bolognaise, but thefoxaroo is a strict vegetarian.

I know! I thought. I can do this!

Thinly slice a bunch of firm tofu, and fry in olive oil until brown. Remove from pan

Chop up 3 large mushrooms, a medium onion, a medium-ish bunch of broccoli, and slice up 2 carrots.

Throw in the onions and fry until slightly brown. Throw in the mushrooms and all the other veges and a cup of water. Steam until the carrots are fairly soft. I use the carrots as a guide to how cooked everything is. If the carrots are done, everything is done.

Dump in a tin of diced tomatoes and a jar of tomato paste, and 2 empty tomato paste jars of water. Stir in and simmer. Add herbs here if you want. I did. Turn down to simmer and let the water evapourate off to thicken the sauce.

Open a tin of Nutolene, cut into small cubes.

Start your spaghetti. When the spag is almost done throw the tofu and Nutolene into the fry pan with all the veggies, and turn it down. Stir in the Nutolene and tofu to evenly distribute it through the sauce. Do this until the Nutolene and tofu are hot and your spag is ready.

Get it all together on a plate.

Feeds one happy vegetarian, one surprisingly pleased omnivore, and one unhappy carnivore.

I wish I'd done this when hopeforyou, pure_agnostic and family visited. (Without the Mushrooms, of course.)

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