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On Tuesday something in a near-by sub-station exploded. We heard it from the office on the other side of town.

When I got home I discovered the surge protector had gone off. The PC still worked but the router was dead. I used the laptop 3G dongle to get online. So on Wednesday I visited Dick Smith's to buy a generic, multi-voltage power supply that did 7.5V. (7.5? What are you thinking, DLink?) It worked! I had a network again!

On Thursday afternoon I was internetting like mad, reading up on the episode of Time Team that was playing on TV. I nipped into the kitchen to make tea, and returned to find the monitor blank and the HDD going "Tick, tick, tick..." So I turned everything off, counted to 60, turned it back on, and... turned it on... on... ON! dammit! PC was dead; no lights or sounds at all.

Back to the laptop. At least the network was still up so I wasn't totally out of action. I had internet, but no games or bookmarks. And I hadn't turned the lappy on for a month so there were a months worth of updates for Win7, AVG and HP Laptop Help Centre. Why does Windows not believe me when I say I will restart later? Yes, thank you for the reminder again. You told me that 10 minutes ago.

And so on Friday I'm in the lounge-room in front of the fire, watching Time Team and researching that episode on the Time Team website. The show ended, I stood and closed the lap top and took a step, all in one fluid, well co-ordinated movement. At that moment Snowy decided it was FOOD time and I was getting him FOOD, so he dashed in front of my feet as I took the step. I kicked him in the ribs with my right foot, he yelped, I stumbled, Snowy jumped to the left, I kicked him hard with my left foot, the dog yelped louder, I stumbled more, my left ankle reminded me of the time I fell off the glacier in New Zealand and popped painfully, I went down hard on my left knee and put all my descending weight on it, jarring my left hip badly, and so I tumbled to the floor while juggling the laptop to give it a non-lethal landing on the lounge-room floor.

I lay there in great pain and clutching the painful bits, trying to say "Bloody hell that hurts," but actually saying GAH! AARGH! AGH!

Poor Snowy, hurt, frightened, and confused, wanted hugs and cuddles and MAKE-IT-BETTER. So he jumped on my chest and shivered and whimpered at my face. I patted him weakly and whimpered "Good dog." That MADE-IT-BETTER, and he began to NOW-GET-FOOD happy jumps on my chest, stomach and groin.

Which did not help. At all.

So my left ankle, knee and hip hurt, my PC is in the shop for a new PSU and/or MoBo and/or HDD plus a proper UPS, and Snowy is leaping away in fright every time I move my legs.

This has not been a happy week-end. I think I'll go smoke some pork sausages to cheer up.

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