Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 57: Sheepshaggers Gold

An English Pale Ale, from Scotland.

Sheepshaggers Gold

Pours a slightly cloudy pale gold with moderate carbonation.. Medium head that fades quickly to leave a lacing on the surface.

First Sip: Quite bitter up front, with a grainy malt and sweet fruits underneath. Aftertaste is a lingering hoppy bitterness. Mouth-feel is a little thin and astringent.

This pale ale is nice, but not outstanding. It's very drinkable but a bit ordinary. It seems to mellow as it warms in the glass, and some fruity flavours start to show. I think it would be an ideal beer for an "ARGH THIS IS HOT!" Indian curry.

Sheepshaggers Gold
Cairgorm Brewery
4.5% alc/vol
500ml bottle

Sheepshaggers Gold

Same again. Sir?Yeah, Okay.
Tags: beer

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