Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Barn Owl

Earlier this week I rescued a barn owl from a mob of angry peewees. The poor owl was sitting on the ground and getting pecked at high velocity by angry peewees, who were taking it in turns to dive on him. I took the owl to the zoovets and left him there.

Yesterday I received a call from the Zoo to tell me the owl was ready to be released. So last night I stood in the dark with a towel wrapped around my hand to give a very grumpy owl something to dig talons into. He leapt from the towel and.. fell to the ground. His left wing didn't work, buggerit. Recapture involved a lot of running, towels, talons and much grumpiness.I put him n the box.Again.

This morning I took him back to the Zoo. As I walked into the information centre I was met by BenTheVet who happened to be there.

"What have you got this time? He asked.

"Barn owl."
"Another one?"

"No. The one you sold me yesterday was faulty, so I'm returning it under warranty."

He laughed and said "I'll see if I can find you one that works."

At that point the manager of the information centre made a little "eep" noise and hurried over. "Don't talk like that!" she said in a rush. "Visitors will think we're selling animals!"

So the owl is back in a cage at the wildlife hospital while the vets investigate why an unbroken wing doesn't work. I hope it works out for the owl.
Tags: owls, rescues

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