Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Around The World In 80 Beers Episode 43: Hansa Dortmunder

Hansa Dortmunder

Pours a clear dark yellow with a small head that fades fast. A moderate amount of carbonation in the glass.

First Sip: A bit grainy, mildly malty with a little hops and a sort of sweetness, and a bit bitter afterwards. It's a little light on taste - nothing really stands out.

Mouth feel is a little thin, with some carbonation tingle on the tongue.

I dunno... it's just a little ordinary. It's a nice beer, but it's not Memorable. This dortmunder is a good hot summer's day beer: refreshing and drinkable. And I could really go for a currywurst mit pomme fritz right now.

Hansa Dortnmunder Import
Dortmunder Hansa-Brauerei
4.8% alc/vol
500ml Bottle

Hansa Dortmunder

Same again, sir? Um... okay. And a curried sausage and chips too.
Tags: beer

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