Den (dewhitton) wrote,

New Camera

While wandering through Myers today, I saw they had a sale on for various point-and-shoot cameras. So I bought a new Canon IXUS 1000 with 2 x 16GB sd memory cards. The 1000 shoots in proper HD video which is nice, and can film is super slo-mo, which is also nice. It can also film in that strange format that makes the world look like a model train set. Which is... odd? Useless? *shrugs* I don't expect I'll find a use for that format. Ever. I'd prefer timelapse.

What 1000 can not do is film time-lapse. This means my old IXUS80 escapes retirement. My next trip to Jenolen will require the 80, a small tripod, and some blu-tack for sticking to the car dash.

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