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Around The World In 80 Beers part 25: Kozel Premium

Kozel Premium is another beer from the Czech Republic.

Kozel Premium
Happy goat with a stein.

There was a bit of fizz on opening the bottle, and foam rose into the neck a little way. The pilsner Pours a deep golden colour with a creamy white head that fades slowly to a thin lace of bubbles, which is sustained by carbonation from the bottom.

First sip: Very nice! Mild sweet malt with moderate hops, has a dry finish with lingering faint bitterness on the back of the tongue. strong carbonation tingle on the tongue. The mouth-feel is smooth and a little heavy but not thick or syrupy.

After more drinking and growing used to the hops, I could really taste the malt. I got involved in a game* and accidentally left the last 2" in the bottom of the glass. It had warmed up by the time I drank it, and the malty beeryness was awsome. This is a beer that just gets better as you drink it.

It's beers like this that you think of when (if) you think of quality Czech beer. This is another one to drink with goulash or chevapi or while you munch on kranski, or for sitting at a pub's outside tables with friends, drinking, and enjoying the afternoon and each other's company.

I have a few other Kozel beers in the fridge. I hope they're as good as this.

Kozel Premium
Plzenski Prazdoj a.s.
4.8% alc/vol
500ml bottle

Kozel Premium

Same again, sir? Yes please!

*Ceasar 4. I am so retro.
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