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Talking to Engineers

During a discussion with the engineer about a new job:

Me: Is there enough water on the site?
Engineer: The main supply is from underground, so water isn't an issue
Me: I was just wondering. Cos the site *is* in the Tanami Desert.
E: You wouldn't believe the amount of water laying around the site at the moment. The roads are buggered so we can't get the fuel tankers in. The airport is out of avgas, so we can't fly in or out. And we're almost out of diesel for the trucks. But you know the worst?
Me: What's that?
E: We're out of beer.
Me: Oh.
E: It is not a happy place to work at the moment.

You have to get your priorities right when working in remote areas:
3 - Fast Transport
2 - Any transport
1 - Beer.

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