Den (dewhitton) wrote,


Today is the first day of proper Autumn weather. March has seen a gradual cooling of the nights, but the days are still 30C+ Some trees are fading to yellow but most deciduous trees haven't. Most of the trees around here keep their leaves so there is no feeling that the season is changing, apart from the flying foxes migrating north for the winter.

But today is grey and mild. There is a light breeze rattling the eucalyptus leaves, and there have been some light showers. The brick pavers are cool enough to stay wet for more than a few minutes.A raven is sitting on the wireless broadband mast, calling out his mournful cry. It fits the mood of the day.

I love this weather.

I have some new weather station software. The last 24 hours looks like this on my monitor
Weather Station

This software has an add-on that will update a flash screen on a website in real time, so you can see what the weather in my corner of Dubbo is like at any time.

james_b, I need to talk to you about this for - would it be too much for the connection?

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