Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Messina is another very pale eurolager.


The lager pours with a big white head that fades away slowly. A lot of small fizz rising through the beer keeps the heap intact.

First sip: No malt, some grain sweetness, very mild hops that fades away slowly. Biggest taste is carbonation tingle and not much else. It tastes watery.

This is a "Argh I'm dying in a desert and dehydrated, give me something to drink!" lager. It's good for fluid replacement, but as a beer to quaff, well... no. It's not a yummy beer.

"Birra Messina is brewed in Messina, Sicilia and is know as Sicilia's most famous beer since 1923. Through the process of a slow fermentation is created a premium quality larger with a unique and delicate taste." says a website. The taste is so delicate that it's almost not there.

Brewed in Milan by Heineken Italia S.p.A.


Birra Messina
Heineken Italia S.p.A
4.7% alc/vol

Same again, sir? No.

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