Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Quest For Beer episode 18: Efes Pilsner

Let's head for... oh I don't know... The Mediterranean sounds good.


A pilsner from Turkey. Interesting. I wonder if this is what the visitors to Gallipoli drink while they are there.

Efes pours with a small head that fades fast leaving small amounts of lacy head sustained by bubbles. It is clear and Very pale. I haven't seen anything this pale yellow since the dehydration chart above a urinal. "Needs to drink a little more water."

First sip: Very mild. Small amount of malt almost hidden by the grain, almost no hops, and even that takes time to develop. Tastes watery at first but develops to a smoothness with some body. Carbonation tingle on the tongue.

Rice, dammit. Why do they mash with rice? I know this is a Pilsner but... Look, see Singha? THAT IS HOW YOU MAKE BEER!

This is a good one to wash down a kebab, but not one to stock the fridge with.

Efes Pilsen
Anadolu Efes Brewery (Music warning) Turkish language only; no English version
5% alc/vol


Same again. sir? Ummmm... I dunno.
Tags: beer

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