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A frog, thought to be extinct, has surfaced in the Eungella National Park, in north Queensland. A recent survey conducted by National Parks and Wildlife officers found the Eungella dayfrog in two streams within the park, west of Mackay. reek reek breeeek

What weighs 691 kilograms, is wired for sound, can dive to a depth of 1,631 metres, stay there for an hour and live on squid? An eight-year-old female southern elephant seal, code-named C-699. dive in here

Research by the Arid Lands Environment Centre in Alice Springs has found that patch burning could be the key to reviving numbers of the rare great desert skink. Return to ancient Aboriginal land management

The Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) announced yesterday it had classified the 20th anniversary edition of ET - The Extra Terrestrial as PG. The rating means parental guidance is recommended for viewers under 15 while the original film was in 1982 classified G - suitable for all viewers. Occasional Course Language and Supernatural Themes

Spring across much of the UK is noticeably quieter than it used to be. One of the most evocative vernal sounds, the call of the cuckoo, is becoming much rarer. Not the clock bird

An international team of biologists and geologists are drilling into the sea floor off the coast of South America to recover live bacteria that do not need sunlight, carbon dioxide or oxygen. Deeper than an elephant seal

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