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Quest, Episode 16. Quilmes Cerzeza

A brief trip to Argentina. I can't find any other South American beers.


Quilmes pours a large head that breaks down to big bubbles and fades away quickly. The lager is a very pale, clear gold. There looks to be a lot of carbonation.

First sip: A bit bland, even for a lager. Slightly malty, with a faint mix of sweet and sour. Not much hops at all. It's a little watery. The best description is that it tastes like... beer.

Quilmes Cerzeza is more interesting than Chang. but only a little. It's another for the Meh file as a beer on its own. However, if you were eating and wanted something to wash it down then this would be the beer. It wouldn't overwhelm a mild food taste with beeryness.

Quilmes Cerzeza
Cerveceria Y Malteria Quilmes (Flash warning! Navigate the Spanish language site to find the Export/English site)
4.9% alc.vol


Same again, Sir. Only if there is nothing else.
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