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The Quest pt14: Singha Lager

I thought "Buggerit. If I'm going to drink all these beers brewed in Thailand, then I'll bloody well drink a beer that advertises that it's from Thailand."

And so I have the last of the Asian beers I could find.


Singha pours a pale, clear yellow, with a small head and a lot of gas.

First sip: bloody hell, that's nice! Slightly fizzy, nicely malted, mild, lingering hops. No grainyness, no rice taste. Nice, slightly warming feeling in the belly. It is light bodied and smooth.

And the further down the glass, the nicer it gets. This is a Bloody Good Beer. it is a Yummy Beer. I think I'm drinking it too fast; I'm getting a nice fuzz* off it.

If I were playing Jeopardy and the Beers Of The World For $100 was "This beer," my answer would be "What beer would I happily stock my fridge with?"

This is how lager should be. Water, malt, hops, yeast. Stop messing around with rice, you brewers!

*Like a buzz, but not as sharp and much... fuzzier.

Singha Premium Lager
Singha Corp / Pathumithani Brewery
5.0% alc/vol


Same again, sir? Bring a case!
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