Den (dewhitton) wrote,

The Quest pt 13: Asahi Super Dry

And so another Japanese beer. Brewed in Thailand, dammit


Asahi pours a clear, pale yellow,with a medium head that fades quickly to a very thin layer of bubbles. There is a lot of carbonation; it looks fizzy.

First sip: Smooth with a light malt, almost no rice-grain to taste. Mild hops. No strong after-taste. No nastyness. Light on the fizz, which is a surprise considering the amount of visible bubbles. It has a full mouth feel, not watery at all.

Another rather bland lager to go with very strong-tasting food. Not one to drink on its own - I almost considered dumping the last inch of beer from the glass instead of drinking it.

The Asahi brewed in Japan has to taste better.

Asahi Super Dry
Asahi Brewery / Khon Kaen Brewery, Thailand
5% alc/vol

Asahi Super Dry

Same again, Sir? Um... nah.
Tags: beer, quest

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