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Lexus CT200h

The last time I drove a Lexus hybrid I had to make a choice: own an astonishingly good car, or own a house. Sensible Den had the largest vote, and so I did not buy the Lexus. This made Geek Den, Greenie Den and Rev-Head Den unhappy. On the other hand, Afraid Of Living On The Streets Den was relieved.

I saw on Robert Llewellyn's twitter feed a mention of a new Lexus hybrid. I checked it out but the .au page was a bit light on info. The site was much better. I wondered how much the CT200h would cost and rang the local Toyota dealer. We spoke for a while, and then he mentioned they had one in the yard. "Would you like a test drive?"

Silly question.

What an excellent car! Fast, comfy, quiet, and varying amounts of Extras depending on which model you buy. I drove the Sports F model today. I love how the instrument panel changed depending on whether you select Eco (dial shows Charge/Power/Eco) or Sports (dial showed revs). It was like driving a big, comfy high-tech armchair. Sound system was triffic. Just below the "gear stick" was a small joystick with buttons -- essentially a mouse to select and activate various icons on the pop-up LCD screen.

If I had the money, and they were actually on sale, I'd have one! I was offered AU$20k trade-in on the Prius, too. The CT200h goes on sale sometime this month. I need more info on the range -- there will be 4 models and I'd like to compare features.

And I was the first non-Toyota person in town to drive one.

Lexus CT200h

Lexus CT200h F-Sprot

Lexus CT200h

Lexus CT200h

Lexus CT200h

Lexus CT200h
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