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The Quest Pt11: Sapporo Premium Beer

Time to head from the Mainland to an island off the coast.

Sapporo Premium Beer
I really need to invest in a proper flash and diffuser.

This is very fizzy, and pours with a smallish head that fades to a very thin lace on top with no glass cling. It looks a very pale yellow.

First sip: fizzy, watery, grainy, back of tongue sourness that fades to a faint hops bitterness. No taste of malt to speak of.

First Impressions: I dunno... another Meh. If I had a choice between Chang and Sapporo, I'd go for Sapporo, if only because it actually has some taste and fizz.

Second Impressions: Actually, halfway through the glass and I'm finding it's not as bad as first impressions. I've grown used to the sourness. It would be perfect to counteract a sweet food, or to wash down something salty or soy-y. Still too much mouth fizz, though. And still tastes watery.

Sapporo is Japan's Oldest Brand -- it says that on the label -- brewed by Sapporo Bewing Co, Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I wonder what Sapporo from Japan tastes like. To be fair, Sapporo Ca is owned and operated by Sapporo Jp. It used to be Sleeman's Brewery.

Sapporro Premium
Sapporo Brewing Company
5.0% alc/vol

Sapporo Premium Beer

Same again, sir? Ummm..... oh, all right.
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