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The Quest Pt 10: Lucky Beer

And back to China! Ooh! That's an interesting bottle!

Lucky Beer

This is an awesome bottle! I really wanted the beer to be just as awesome. Alas! It is merely nice. It's possible the happy fat guy blown into the glass could be a representation of Buddha but I will hold judgement there.

The bottle opens with a slight fizz and pours a pale yellow. The head is medium and fades very slowly to a thin layer of bubbles.

First sip: nice! There is a mild ricey grain taste with a little sweet malt with very slight lemony sourness and a faint hops dryness on the back of the tongue. Very light carbonation and yet doesn't taste watery. It has a full mouth feel. . This is a smooth brew, not too bad but doesn't live up to the interestingness of the bottle. Went flat fast but that didn't affect the taste. A good mild beer to go with a very tasty meal.

Argh! False Advertising! Brewed in Sydney! Bugger. But on second thought I'm not too disappointed, especially when you consider the Chinese Quality Control and the additives they use.

Lucky Beer Flash Warning! New Age Zen Bullshit Warning!
4.8% alc/vol

Lucky Beer

Same again, Sir? Yes please!
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