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Quest pt5: Beerlao Lager

And so to Asia!


Beerlao Lager, "the national beer of Laos" pours a very pale colour with a nice head and a lot of carbonation. Fizz means burps, of course, which is preferable to the effect Tui had on me. The lager has a nice feel in the mouth, but a very mild, almost absent malt. It tastes very grainy, possibly because the beer is brewed with rice. There is a mild hops after taste but not much. You could say it tastes watery -- is this what they mean by "light and sudsy?"

On the other hand, the beer is very refreshing and went down fast and easy. I was writing while I drank, and suddenly the glass was empty. I could go for another right now!

Lao Brewery Co., Ltd
5% alc/vol


Same again, Sir? Yes, bring a six-pack.
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