Den (dewhitton) wrote,

Quest pt2: Steinlager.

Today is stinking-hot -- it's 6pm and cooled down to 39C. I think I could go for a beverage.


Unlike Tui, Steinlager pours to a good head that fades slowly and clings to glass. First sip is slightly fizzy, and has a slight grainy maltiness. Then the hops kick in and lingers on the back of the tongue.

This brew has a nice tingly feel and the hops are not overwhelming. It's a good beer for a very hot day, if the beer is very cold. Well, both conditions were met, which might explain why the first half glass went rather fast with no struggling. I'm a slow drinker and yet the pint was gone in less than half an hour. At no time did I regret this or wonder if I'd finish the bottle. I'd happiy stock my fridge with this -- but not only this. I can't see myself as an exclusive Steinlager drinker. Tooheys New is similar and cheaper (but a bit pissier).

Owned by Lion Nathan. How does a company that produces piss like XXXX and Speight's make a beer this good-ish?

Lion Nathan
4.8% Alc/Vol


Same again, sir? Yes, I'd say this is a yummy beer.
Tags: beer

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