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A Quest

While wandering through the local Dan Murphy's and looking for a beverage to quaff in the cool of the evening, I realized there are an awful lot of beers I have never tried. I look at them and think that I wouldn't like them, but how do I know?Then I remembered my quest of many years ago when I went looking for a Big Name American Beer That Didn't Suck. I tried all the US beers I could get mny hands on; Schlitz, Michelob, Coors, Budweiser, Lone Star[1], Samuel Adams[2], Corona [3] and many others.

So I thought: A Quest! I will try at least one bottle of all these beers I have never tried. Not all at once, of course. I'll write about them here. Don't expect too much on the smell since I am pretty much anosmic.

I think I will need a special Beer Drinking Glass.

1."The National Beer Of Texas" didn't suck too badly.
2. Didn't Suck. It's very much like Tooheys New, in that the best way to drink it is very cold on a very hot day.
3. Not a US beer, I know. But it sucked. I don't want to drink beers that require fruit to make them taste better.
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