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And now, the Weather.

Weather charts using data from my little weather station, for August.

Days are getting warmer

I always wonder if the barometer is calibrated properly.

August was an unusually wet month.

And after some roof climbing and finger poking, I freed up the stuck aneometre. The problem with this system is that it records one sample per hour. So if it's a really gusty day and there is a calm just at the hour, it registers a calm hour. I could make it take a sample per minute but then the history file would be HUGE. Right now I have 24 data sets per day.

The other problem with the wind is the vane. My station shows wind direction in degrees but the data is recorded as compass points: N, NNE, NE, ENE, E, etc. If an excel guru out there knows how to add something to the spreadsheet that will convert these into degrees - that would be 22.5 degree increments - I'd be grateful. I imagine it would be a string of if/then/else in the cells.

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