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Bat Matters

Ysabeau ate 5 worms last night.

She refused to eat the first few nights, then she took one worm. Last night she ate 5 whole, lightly killed worms. I hope soon she will feed herself, but she'll never be as much of a guts as Xena, who happily eats 20 worms a night.

Out of curiosity I weighed the worms: 3 grams. Xena weighs 6 grams. I am concerned that she MIGHT be getting despite the flights in the spare room. I let her swoop and zoom while I hand the worms to Ysabeau. Now that I think of if, Xena can't be too fat or she wouldn't fly.

I can't believe the difference in temperaments between these two bats of the same species. Ysabeau is a little sweetie. She is timid, cautious and is happy to hide in my hands. She doesn't even mind being held.

Xena, on the other hand, isn't. It's all I can do to hold in to her, and even harder to do that without being bitten.

They even eat differently. Ysabeau carefully licks the outside of the worm, then nibbles the end until it's in her mouth. Next she works it around until the worm is poking out the corner, then she bites and releases, bites and releases, the worm feeding in one side and coming out the other, like a typewriter. After the worm has been thouroughly crushed she works it back around to the front and nibbles at it until there's none left. Then she starts the next worm.

Xena bites, and swallows what's in her mouth.

Bats like Ysabeau are nicer to care for and make me want to KEEP them, but Xena is far easier to look after and remind me that they really do belong in the wild. Anyway, it looks like I have these two for at lease another month.


Still no word from the abattoir

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