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The Cloud

This article on Apple made me realise something.

I won't be migrating to cloud computing.

I like to buy my software and store it on my PC. I like to load from the HDD into RAM and run the software. I like to keep the files I create on my drive in my PC.

I don't want a large corporation to look after my files. I do not want to rent software services. I do not want to rely on the shitty unreliable internet connection in this area that looks like it won't be improved any time in the next 5 years. Because when that fails- and it does, every time it rains heavily and at other random times - then I will be screwed. Totally screwed.

When I bought Portal I installed it and sat down to play. I had to log on to Steam and create an account to register the game. No problem! Then Steam insisted the game be updated before I could play it. I could not avoid that. I missed the check-box to say "No, I'm happy with how it came out of the box." The game would not register and run with out updates.

The update took 36 hours to download.

I was never given an option to play off-line until I installed another Steam-shackled game - Empire Total War, if you're interested - which then gave me the option to play Portal off-line, after taking 42 hours to update before I could play *that.* Until that Play Off-line option appeared after installing the second game, I could not play Portal any time it rained and my net connection died. And a dead net connection is why you have games to play. Screwed.

I do not want to rely on the Internet for my computer usage. This is why I lack any sort of enthusiasm for the latest Cloud innovations.

And I probably won't ever buy an iPhone or iPad. 3G is almost non existent outside the major cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra). Testra has its own system called NextG which is sort-of like, but not compatible with, 3G. Under my current usage, a device like the iPad would cost me $120/month in connection fees if I want to use it outside my house. Please excuse my lack of iFanboy.

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