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Lazy day at home doing domestic things, idly scrolling through my news site bookmarks and trying to work out what is real news and what is April 1st crap. I'm glad LJ stuck with one news item and didn't just change journal layouts for the fun of it.

That would be annoying.

Washing: Done
Vacuuming: Done
Lawn Weeds: sprayed with KILL IT WITH FIRE systemic
Lawn: uh... $20 to a young friend will fix the mowing
Fish pond: topped up with fresh water
Fish: fed
Ash in slow-combustion heater: cleared.

To Do
Repair rabbit damage to drip irrigation system.
Beer: Drink.

I have a 6-pack of Monteith's Black and some of a 6-pack of Old Speckled Hen in the fridge. mmmmmm. That plus left over SpagBol for dinner. mmmmmm

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