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The Gold, It's In The...

Pink Floyd have won their case against EMI.

"Their latest record deal, signed with EMI before legal downloads came along, said individual songs must not be sold without the band's permission. They argued that the same rule should apply to digital sales as well as CDs. EMI disagreed but a judge has sided with Pink Floyd. The ruling is part of a long-running battle between the two sides over £10m in unpaid royalties. "

The Labels claim the illegal downloading of songs is money stolen from the artists, and when the companies prosecute grandmothers and children they are trying to help the artists get their money back. I know the guys in Pink Floyd aren't exactly struggling artists, but 10 million quid isn't a trivial amount. And it wasn't stolen from them by downloaders.

I hope this paves the way for other bands to get their royalties from the Labels.

I'm surprised Boing Boing hasn't picked this up yet.

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