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Bad Rescues

Every so often I get a rescue so bad, the only thing I can do is get the animal to a vet for euthanasia asap.I had one today: a lady brought me a horribly injured turtle that had been run over by a car. It's rescues like this that cause our group to lose good people. They simply can't handle seeing an animal in this much pain.

ETA: Also, if you comment the photo will show up. Be warned.


The zoovet met me at the vet block. When she looked in the box she said quietly "Oh no." A few minutes later she'd pumped in enough lethobarb to kill a horse. I'm not speaking figuratively, literally or with hyperbole. She actually administered enough barb to kill a horse. Normally the animal is weighed and an appropriate about is administered and the animal is kept comfortable until it dies. The idea today was to shock the turtle to death to overcome slow reptile metabolisms.

There was no hope for the turtle - she was going to die with or without human help. It would be so easy to let Nature take its course.

But I'm not that cruel.

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