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Snakes in care!

A fellow rescuer has some interesting snakes in care.
Coral snake.
Coral Snake

A young coral snake.These snakes prey on lizard eggs and very small lizards, and are a little bit venomous; enough to hurt but not enough to make you ill.
Coral Snake

Yellow-faced whip snake.
Yellow Faced Whip Snake
An adult yellow-faced whip snake. These snakes prey on small lizards, insects and frogs. They are venomous but only if you're a small lizard, insect or frog. Even if she could get her tiny fangs through your skin you wouldn't get sick.
Yellow Faced Whip Snake

Yellow Faced Whip Snake

Blue-bellied black snake.
Blue-bellied black snake
One of the black snake family, and much less common than the red-bellied and yellow-bellied black snakes His belly scales are a deep blue-black. He came into long-term care after someone whacked him with a hoe. You can see the lump they cut from him. He is a large snake - 5 feet long- and dangerously venomous. A bite will make you very, very ill and put you in hospital, and if left untreated can cause long-term neurological problems. Luckily they are timid snakes and you're unlikely to ever see one.

Blue-bellied black snake

People? That means Mousicles are coming!
Blue-bellied black snake

Western brown snake.
Western Brown Snake
A very young western brown snake in care after being attacked by a cat.She had several punctures in her body that have healed well so she isdue for release.

These snakes are highly aggressive and lethally venomous even at this size - approx 12 inches. They are just as dangerous as the eastern brown snake, and their ranges overlap here.

She didn't like the camera and coiled up in a pre-strike pose.
Western Brown Snake

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